Live Blog: Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere


I decided to live blog the premiere episode, “The Wars to Come”. Just a little one time thing for the special occasion.

Pre-thoughts: God I hope they kill Sansa, she’s so boring. I hope Jaime Lannister and Daenerys get lots of screen time and maybe we will finally get to see Dorne!

Opening Credits: I always love these credits and how they switch it up depending on the areas of Westeros that are going to be featured in the episode. I hate the Eyrie. Oh hello, Pentos.

5:00–who are these little chicks? The blonde one seems evil…she has an older lady head on a child’s body (but excellent hair)

9:00–AH, it was a Cersei flashback, I knew she seemed evil. Adult Cersei’s rope braid is killing it

10:15–yessssss Jaime. Hopefully it’s not going to be another creepy Cersei/Jaime dead body scene though

11:30–oh nope Cersei is definitely not happy with him. The painted on eyes on Tywin’s dead body aren’t creepy at all

12:50–Oof Tyrion arriving in Pentos looking a little worse for the wear. #cratetraveling

13:44—first “F” bomb

14:35–Tyrion’s first sip of wine, clearly he’s still a fan

15:30–Woof. wine does not seem to be a fan of him anymore….apparently the “puke and rally” exists in the realm

16:30–man they love tearing down monuments in Meereen…and we have our first boobage of the season

18:00–An unsullied orders his “usual” at a brothel which is apparently a topless lullaby….aaaaand he’s dead via throat slicing

19:00–Daenerys looks beautiful (duh). I’m very intrigued by these “Sons of Harpy” assassins, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last  of them

21:00–yay Jon Snow…we are getting to see all the good people quickly, I’m glad.

22:00–did Sam lose weight? He’s doing something better…maybe his hair?

23:15–of course the red lady isn’t cold at the wall…crazy fire sorceress—I wish I never got cold

25:15—Interesting plot by “King” Baratheon to use the wildlings to take Winterfell.

26:00–ugh, Sansa…she looks even worse than last season. She’s like the human equivalent of a brick wall

27:00–Robin is such a wussy

28:00–awwww, Brienne is so mean to her squire…her mission has hardened her. She’ll get her purpose back soon, I’m sure of it. Still obsessed with the name “Oathkeeper” for a sword

29:15—your voice is annoying, Sansa

29:50—Margaery is such a hussy…but a smart, calculated, well-dressed hussy. She could learn a thing or two about boundaries though

34:40–“everyone knows everything about everyone”–Oliver commentating on King’s Landing gossip. But do they? Me thinks not.

35:20–Pentos is my fav, I want to go to there (probs Croatia)

36:40–This scene with Tyrion and Varys is the best scene so far

38:05– “who said anything about HIM?”–Varys. Damn straight…Daenerys for prez! Looks like it’s a sea trip for my new fav duo

39:05–this guy talking to Daenerys kind of looks like Lionel Richie

40:10–nice butt, dude who gets to sleep with Daenerys (can’t remember his name). This guy isn’t the best actor though. Daenerys is going to have to let go of some of her stubbornness.

42:40—going into the dragon’s lair, yaaaasssssssss.

43:55–dang girl, you’re going to have to get a grip on those fire-breathers (although the special effects on the dragons are looking better than ever). No surprise they are angry after being locked up. I miss Drogon 😦

46:45–Mance Rayder, grow some balls

47:00–lemme guess, it was the red lady’s idea to burn him alive…shocking

50:00–there’s no way he’s going to kneel

52:00–Melisandre’s choker game is strong

53:00–fuck burning at the stake doesn’t look like a good way to go

53:10—Jon can’t bear to watch! Sam is such a good comforter, no surprise there

53:26–heck yeah, Jon Snow coming in hot with the mercy arrow #likeaboss. He’s so noble buuuuttttt that’s going to cause some problems

Solid episode, what did you think? I got to see most of the characters that I wanted to and there was a lot of good groundwork laid for future episodes. Looking forward to another season full of violence, sex, intrigue, politics, dragons and surprises. Next week: Arya, Dorne and DROGON!


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